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Life Isn't Perfect, But Your Skin Can Be!

An At Home Beauty Salon From A Single Device!



🔴 Red Light

For a young look and feeling of refreshment!  

    - Reduces wrinkles, acne scars & sun damage

    - Rejuvenates skin

    - Stimulates circulation 

🔵 Blue Light

  Blue light purifies the skin and is proven to have anti-bacterial properties that manage:

    - Prevention of acne

    - Kills acne causing bacteria

    - Stabilization of oil glands

    - Treatment of inflammation

🟡 Yellow Light

Look more healthy and radiant!

    - Reduce redness

    - Increase wound healing

    - Collagen induction

    - Skin hydration

🟢 Green Light

    - Lightens hyper-pigmentation spots

    - Evens skin complexion

    - Leaves a calming effect

🟣 Purple Light

    - Increases cell regeneration

    - cell renewal

    - promotes lymphatic drainage


let our customers speak for us

Really impressed! I've notice my fine lines fade and my skin tone looks more evened out. It of course takes time to see results. I've been using this tool for about 3 weeks, 10 minutes each day and I'm very happy with this purchase!

Melody N.

This is a life saver. I struggled with acne and was so insecure about it. I had purchased this 5 in 1 tool in hopes it would reduce my acne and I have to say again, this is A LIFE SAVER. I'm so happy i invested in this and even though it took a few weeks to notice anything it is still DEFINITELY WORTH IT. Highly recommend!

Melinda K.

Couldn't be any more happier. This single beauty tool offers SO MUCH help. Definitely worth the money.

Samantha L.

The ULTIMATE Skin Care Solution